More then swaying: steps to slow dancing

Your first introduction to the slow dance was probably a junior high mixer or maybe your prom. Maybe you still think that the only steps to slow dancing involved swaying from side to side. Let open you up to the world of couple's dancing...ballroom, country, the fox trot, the waltz...and many more. Learn to glide gracefully across the floor, complete turns like a pro and dip your partner with style. We can teach you how to slow dance like the stud or star we know you can be.

How to slow dance at your wedding

Steps to Slow DancingMost people begin their foray into dance because of a big event. And there is no bigger event in one's life than the wedding day. The day is full of dances with the most important first dance as a married couple. Photos used to camouflage the bad dancers, but today most people capture this significant milestone on film. Don't let this be the one bad spot in an otherwise perfect day. can show you all the steps to slow dancing.

Follow these tips and you are sure to be a hit:

- Plan in advance - The last 6-8 weeks before a wedding are hectic and crazy. Start your instructional video at least 4-6 months before the big day to give you ample practice time.

- Don't be so hard on him (or her!) - Don't nit-pick your partner if they aren't picking it up as fast as you would like. This should be a fun, stress-relieving (not stress-inducing) activity for both of you.

- Choose the song - This is the moment to cherish and remember, so you should pick out a song that has special meaning for both of you. If you both love it, everyone else will, too.

- Remember the dress - Understand what kind of dress the bride will be wearing and choose your first dance accordingly. Dances like the rumba, waltz or fox trot are good because they are slower and their rhythm will usually match today's slower love songs.

Learning how to slow dance is a gift you can give each other for your wedding and for the rest of your lives. Time will stand still as you sweep across the floor in a gentle and warm embrace. (Not to mention how much it will impress your guests and in-laws!)

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